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Admin: delete entry Diane http://  26/12/04   13:40:59 Date
Message I was deeply saddened to have heard of Jon.s death and finding it difficult to believe that he will no longer be roaming this mortal coil.

I first met Jon in 1988; however, regrettably we had drifted out of touch over the last few years. I have such warm and happy memories of the times Jon and I shared, both in London and latterly after I moved back to Scotland.

A superb, inspired and dedicated musician, Jon was also a wonderful songwriter, singer, producer...his talent was immeasurable.

Jon was a sincere, gentle and caring guy who also had an exceptional and insightful understanding of the .human condition.. Many an evening we would ponder and muse over life.s big questions (always punctuated by his quirky sense of humour!) and endeavour to bring the world to rights over a Hoegaarden or two!

Jon had a mature and enlightened soul and I thank him for enriching my life. I am sure he had the same impact on everyone else who knew him. Jon will always be with me and I will treasure the special times...and of course all the gigs, too numerous to mention!

Jon.s light will eternally shine bright and help guide us along the road less travelled.

All my love, peace be with you Jon.
Diane xxx

Admin: delete entry Peter Twyman http://  08/05/05   09:47:35 Date
Message I only heard the news about Jon today and still can't believe it. I was lucky enough to work with him throughout the 90's. I first met him in 1995 when he (along with Charlie Francis) produced my band's first single. I can still see Charlie standing on the mixing desk at the Stone Room during the playback while Jon sat quietly laughing. I tended to hang on his every word, to the point where my band mates started to refer to me as "Jon says..." due to me starting every sentence that way.

He produced everything else we did and taught me so much that I'll never get to thank him for. He was so generous too, if he could shoehorn you into something he was working on he'd call and invite you to play on it.

I've got so many memories of Jon - endless Chinese meals, him telling me he didn't "rate" the single we recorded with another producer, sitting at the top of Primrose Hill, trying to work out why we could only get one note out of a Moog (we didn't care, we used it anyway), him hitting a fire extinguisher with a drum stick on one song as we all thought it sounded good, his dry withering wit (which I was often on the end of, but how he made me laugh), his ideas for vocal harmonies which still make me catch my breath to this day, his mad dog Merlin, sleeping on the studio floor when I complained I had to stop as I'd started to see things, and finally letting me call him in the middle of the night when I'd got things wrong again. He always listened.

I bought his old car off him, I've still got it and always will.

Jon, me and my family love you, we'll see you soon.
Pete Twyman (the sorcerer's apprentice - when I got it wrong you sorted it out) XXX

Admin: delete entry William Mysterious http://  26/12/04   13:40:50 Date
Message I've just heard of the sad news of the passing of The Kid.
He was always a kid. For heavens sake I was at least 23!
We shared time in the rusty old Citreon wandering aimlessly around the UK (and a Dutch tour) with the equally missed Mitch. He shared a flat with me and my then girlfriend, Jacques, and I can still remember the ceiling collapsing in his bedroom! While we were recording Rev Up in London, he was very forgiving when I by mistake set fire to the curtains in our hotel bedroom, which he accepted with the gaciousness which was so much part of him. The last time I saw him was in London in , I think in 1993, when Eugene and all of us went for a curry. He assured me that the chicken tikka I'd got was the chicken's heart (gedit). Kid, we're all getting older; no doubt you and Elvis are sorting things out. You will always zing.

Fondest forever

William Mysterious

Admin: delete entry Alley Vegas http://  08/05/05   09:47:30 Date
Message Still hav`nt heard anyone play the guitar like Krupa,all my love to his family.
Alley Vegas xxxxxxxx

Admin: delete entry Fiona http://  08/05/05   09:47:30 Date
Message I met Jon in 1995 through our mutual good friend Rod Nash. I was on a holiday in UK and was keen to get to Cornwall having not managed to when I lived in London for two years. (I am a kiwi who now lives in Australia). Jon had just finished doing some producing and had a car so Rod arranged for the three of us to go for a 4 day trip to Cornwall.

Jon and I clicked as friends immediately. Cornwall was one of the highlights of my UK trip - Jon suggested it must be going to rain cause the cows were sitting down and convinced me to climb up these high boulders in Bodmin Moor to pose for dramatic photos - this was about the time the 'black panther' was roaming the moors.

At the end of the trip we stopped at a Service Stop at midnight outside of London and as I contemplated dropping 20p into a soft toy machine, Rod was saying no-one ever wins them and Jon said do it - I won a lion and was about to go to Africa so it was rather appropriate, I named it Smeaton after some private joke Jon and Rod had going.

I found Jon to be a witty, intelligent guy and he will be greatly missed. My thoughts are with Jon's family and friends. I hope they get some comfort knowing how well loved Jon was.

Rest in Peace Jon
Fiona (nee John) , George, Lukas and Alek Frangos

Admin: delete entry vittorio zingales http://  08/05/05   09:47:28 Date
Message condolances at family and all friends!i know the star is shining and high in the sky.
tanks Kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Admin: delete entry vittorio zingales http://  08/05/05   09:39:57 Date
Message another star,a really shining star is now in the sky!!!!!!Kid was a great talent not understood until now.i have seen a live performancein Edinbourgh and i have listened directly their greatest talent!i hope now he have the right place in the Hall of Fame.
ciao KID!!!!play more and forever your guitar!!!!

Admin: delete entry trace briggs http://  07/05/05   20:56:34 Date
Message The Revillos are in town. York 1981.The best of days. To see the Revillos play live.

Thanks for memories

Admin: delete entry Ashton Liburd http://  04/05/05   08:29:31 Date
Message In the early 90,s John joined a band that I was in called "Two Tribes". Six months after he joined we had a recording deal! To say he was a great guitarist was an understatement. When I look back I can only laugh at some of the things we did and arguments we had that were all in the name of rock n roll. Most of all I will remember John for being a nice bloke that played "kick ass" guitar. No need for any more mars bars eh mate? RIP mate.

Admin: delete entry barbara http://  04/05/05   00:21:01 Date
Message adam and i returned safely to america.
there's not much that would have kept me from traveling to england for jon's funeral.
thank you, nicky, for writing/reading such a beautiful eulogy.

"faretheewell ... if i had wings like noah's dove ..."
(fred neil)

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