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Admin: delete entry Ian Harris http://  27/04/05   13:04:16 Date
Message I never met Jon but I've loved the music he helped create since I discovered the Revillos back at school in the late 80s (I was too young to appreciate them in the late 70s/early 80s).

All I can do is echo the thoughts of many others when I say rest in peace.

Admin: delete entry billy and barbie http://  20/04/05   00:00:21 Date
Message kid krupa left behind a guitar legacy....his style and the excitement in which he played will never be matched....he is now at peace and we can pray for his family and his friends....lets us all share a prayer for him....

Admin: delete entry Philip McLoughlin http://  15/04/05   18:11:50 Date
Message To my kid brother. Even as your own worst critic you should be satisfied with that performance!
Bye for now Jono, see you sometime.


Admin: delete entry Stevie Savage http://  14/04/05   12:47:33 Date
Message I auditioned for the Revillos at the same time as Jonti. It ended up as just me and him left on the shortlist. The better man got the job and I am so glad for him that he got so much enjoyment from his time with the Revillos and his many subsequent projects.
It's true that the best people leave us early.

Huge respect to a big (if you know what I mean) man and condolances to family and friends.

Admin: delete entry Aly http://  11/04/05   15:27:23 Date
Message Jonty- enjoy the sunshine now that the dark clouds have gone.
My thoughts and prayers are with your lovely family and friends who clearly loved you very much, your sister Clare especially.
God Bless.
Aly XX

Admin: delete entry Andrew Bates http://  11/04/05   14:14:25 Date
Message I was shocked to hear such sad news. The Revillos arrived at the same time as my teenage years.They were my absolute favourite band. Kid Krupa was only a couple of years older than me. Whilst I was a schoolkid he was in the coolest band around playing guitar like a wunderkind. I met him once or twice and he seemed like a really nice lad.My thoughts go out to his loved ones.

Admin: delete entry Ad Mook http://  10/04/05   19:16:41 Date
Message Jon was a mate, and helped to record my rubbish band a couple of years ago. He was simply great fun to be around, with the dryest way of saying the most beautifully absurd things.
Like if a record sounded too polished he'd say "the production's a bit loud" . perfect.
they broke the mould with that one.

Admin: delete entry Tim McLoughlin http://  09/04/05   12:01:18 Date
Message Jon was my older brother and uncle to my daughter Lucy.

One of my early memories of him was when he was about nine years old playing the banjo to me in his bedroom when I was about five years old. Little did we know then that this member of our family was to dedicate his life to the making of music for others to enjoy. Jono was a lively, funny and at times a bit scary to have as a brother but one who made us all fiercly proud as he went on to follow his dreams and accomplish such a great deal in his life. As an adult we spent many happy times together in London and to this day I look up to him as a role model and mentor for how to deal with what life sometimes throws at us. He was always kind and giving of his time to help out whenever he could and had a unique and refreshing oulook on life.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has read or contributed to this site which both myself and other members of Jon's family have found very comforting over the past difficult weeks. Jon will always remain with us in our hearts and is missed every day.

Good bye to a lovely brother, friend and uncle.


Admin: delete entry David F Daniells http://  07/04/05   21:36:44 Date
Message I used to play bass in a York jazz/funk band, Best Friends, in the late 70s. We were a busy,well established 9 piece outfit and our much loved and respected guitarist Peter Godwin left to be replaced by a 16 year old called Jon. My initial reaction was well, he's going to have a lot to learn.It was me who did the learning.Plenty. I last spoke to Jon last year and he bore his situation with incredible equinamity and humour.I will remember a consummate musician, keenly intelligent, funny and serious all at once and a thoroughly decent human being.

Admin: delete entry Ray Brook Wehrstein http://  07/04/05   13:24:26 Date
Message Tragic loss of a great person and guitarist. Played sax in Best Friends with Jon in the late 70's, swapping riffs and solos. I could always rely on John to play exciting music and spur me and the rest of the band on to greater heights. And great fun to be with with a quizical smile and great sence of humour. Hadn't seem him in years but he's always been in a place in my memory reserved for the special few.

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