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Admin: delete entry umbrella  07/04/05   01:30:02 Date
Message The best regards

Admin: delete entry Tom McLoughlin  06/04/05   21:41:30 Date
Message Jon was a great man and a nice guy to be with i am proud to be his nephew i didn't get to see him much but the times i did were good like at my sister's(Emily) 10th Birthday when we went ice skating and swimming and he was there watching and then when he came and visited when i got my new drum kit and he showed me his snare drum and we all sat down and did a puzzle.He allways had a smile on his face or was making jokes.

I am not going to the funeral on Friday my mum thinks it would be a bad idea because my (Dad) will be there.So R.I.P jon Love you.

Crying or very sad Sad Crying or very sad

Admin: delete entry Alyson Rickman http://  06/04/05   11:47:41 Date
Message Jonty-I am sure all those pretty angels are vying for your attention!
We shared the same life-philosophy and I loved your sense of humour.
I believe we will spend some good times again together in an insulin free world.
With love, Aly xxx

Admin: delete entry fay fife http://  04/04/05   23:04:27 Date
Message Jon was an exceptional guitar player who played like an angel -I have been in the studio with Jon(post revillos) & some of his playing was (and is) heavenly. Jon had a very sweet and loving aspect to him - which was unique. He could also be cheekie, funny, arrogant, and wrongheaded. We have spent some wild and crazy times together - sometimes on tour in the company of other partyboys and sometimes alone.... When I remember Jon from a few years ago (when he was in his early 30's and at his peak in many ways) I remember a very alive person, who was very musically gifted and inspiring; who was loving, sensitive and gentle. Most fundamentally jon was someone with a pure core of spirituality. Rest In Peace.

Admin: delete entry charlie francis http://  03/04/05   17:56:37 Date
Message I first met Jon in the dinner queue at school in 1974 when he was eleven. I'd heard he had an electric guitar and was intrigued. With his encouragement I got a bass and that was it really. We had many good times in school bands in the seventies, with our band 'The Lost Boys' in the eighties, and doing the occasional co-production in the nineties.

For a long time we lived in one anothers pockets, and shared all kinds of experiences.
Jon was once like a brother to me, not to mention the fact that his huge talent was evident even before he was a teenager. I'll never forget him and the impact he had on my life.

A typical memory is from about 1994, when we were producing an album together. There was a limited range of options for dining, and it looked like we would be getting a Chinese takeaway for about the tenth night in a row. When I moaned, Jon simply said in that mock-innocent way of his ' Well, if we were in China, we'd eat Chinese every day'.

Rest in peace Jonno.

Admin: delete entry ali http://  01/04/05   16:08:03 Date
Message I feel privileged to have made the transition from fan to friend. I will always remember Jon (and his pasta with onion sauce) with great fondness. Im sure at this moment he is charming the wings off the angels. x

Admin: delete entry Jon Durno http://  31/03/05   10:38:33 Date
Message You never really know how you are going to react to somethings until they happen. The news of Jons passing has really knocked me sideways.I remember...... He was a lifelong student of the guitar & consumed a very wide range of music, not satisfied until he got inside it and found out how a style & sound was achieved. There wasnt a session or band out there that Jon wasnt qualified to work on or with. In fact,it frustrated many of us around him that on many occasions Jon chose not to take high profile work because, well, to be honest i couldn't really tell you why. I think , maybe, sometimes he considered a lot projects out there to be 'silly' and a waste of a good mans time, i dont know. I played in couple of bands with Jon and on various recording projects(plus a lot of demos)and he was wonderful to work with. When he played you could hear all the great musicians he listened to coming through his talented fingers. He had excellent taste and it showed. I remember 'out of order' wild nights and i remember long in depth muso, analytical discussions, breaking down our favourite music, boring those around us.But... the common thread running through all the time i new him was that he was funny, articulate, intelligent and a decent, honourable human being. I am proud of our friendship Jon, I learnt a lot from you & I will not forget

Admin: delete entry Steve Lambert http://  31/03/05   08:02:44 Date
Message I was shocked to hear the news about Johns death; although I hadn't seen him in many years. He was such a natural talent and smart too - maybe a little too smart for the music business. I have fond memories of life in Clapham in the mid 80's when I got to know John through mutual friends. I knew that his health was not good, but didn't realize to what extent. My thoughts go out to his family and to all the people I haven't seen in years who knew him, worked with him and loved him.

Steve Lambert (Roman Holliday)

Admin: delete entry Mitch http://  24/03/05   23:16:42 Date
Message 25 years ago I was introduced to the new Revillos guitarist. He didn't really look like a guitar star in the way that Hendrix or Bolan did, but boy, when he plugged that guitar in, his own unique, magic sound rocketed from the speakers and his talent, in my opintion, was effortless: he really was that good.

His name was 'Kid Krupa' and, for the next few years, he became an important part of my life. His humble professionalism and appreciative kindness made my job as a roadie so easy.

I really feel priviledged for having known Jon. He was an all-round genuinely nice guy and a brilliant and innovative musician. His importance as part of that crazy, exciting Revillos rollercoaster in the 1980s is unquestionable.

Jon's place in the history of rock'n'roll is well deserved.

"Here's thinking of you, Kid!"

God bless ya!

Mitch xxx

Admin: delete entry Mick & Jennifer http://  24/03/05   22:48:58 Date
Message Jontie

We always enjoyed seeing you on our trips to London - it's so sad that we will no longer be able to do so.

Adios Muchacho

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