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Admin: delete entry Jon Gold http://  24/03/05   19:00:41 Date
Message 24/3/05. I am living in Arizona and heard the news today from Jackie, and am deeply saddened. I first met Jon when he was working on the "Lost Boys" project with Charlie Francis. They came into my guitar store with a record company advance and huge sense of humour.We stayed friends up until about 2 years ago when he went off the radar. I wish I could have been there for him. He was a genune guy, talented and lovable.My condolences to his family and all that knew him.

Admin: delete entry Kevin and Lorraine http://  23/03/05   10:50:15 Date
Message Fond memories Jon. 'Til we meet again.
Love Kevin and Lorraine x

Admin: delete entry Jackie http://  21/03/05   10:24:45 Date
Message it's helpful to read all these posts about jon...... we met in 1981 - i was seventeen and he eighteen -- it was at the Mudd Club. i remember he had black hair with blue sideburns (boards) and was definitely the cutest thing despite those english teeth! Winking
we married in '87, he in a bespoke leather suit (bolero jacket and hipster trousers!) and me all in lace. very rock 'n'roll.

jon was a good man in so many ways... due not only to his intelligence, wit and musical talent (which was a true gift) but also his gentle 'way of being' in the world. that was my jon -- a dear sweet man who loved his family and friends.

Rest in peace, my love

Admin: delete entry Dave Yeates  20/03/05   10:22:46 Date
Message Mad
Keep revving Kid, you made an impact. Respect.

Dave Yeates

Admin: delete entry Robert Shuster  19/03/05   02:21:21 Date
Message Kid, we're gonna miss ya bro...see ya on the other side. Peace.

Robert Shuster
Retrograde Radio

Admin: delete entry toyota  19/03/05   00:29:59 Date
Message Respekt for Krupa. Good

Admin: delete entry Michelle http://  18/03/05   21:37:53 Date
Message To Jontie

A special friend: we had so many laugh-out-loud times. Your eccentric sense of humour made you an ideal partner-in-crime, always going one step quirkier than the next person - yet always sensitive and supportive when the occasion demanded. I find it so hard to accept that Iíll never see you again. Miss you loads.
Lots of love
Michelle (Mrs. Krinkle) xxxx

Admin: delete entry Rod Nash http://  18/03/05   15:55:04 Date
Message I'm a bit tearful reading all of this but happy seeing how Jon and his guitar playing has affected so many people. I first met Jon when he joined the Revs back in 1980. My then girlfriend Jenny and myself got on great with him, this friendship continued through my 2 years touring with the band as their roadie in 81 & 82 (so many fab times, I should write a book!)My friendship with 'Jonty' lasted the test of time, we flatshared in Ladbroke Grove in 85 & 86 then again in Primrose Hill 97 until 2000. I miss him already. Here's a funny little story that that happened in an Indian restaraunt in Edinburgh around 1982. Vince pulled his chair back a bit too close to the gas heater as he got up to visit the loo, after awhile Jon and myself smelt something burning and as Vince emerged, his jacket went up in flames!! Vince was jumping up and down on the flames crying out 'OH MY JACKET ,MY ONLY JACKET' to roars of laughter around the restaraunt, Jon then calmly said " Well, it's more of a blazer really" And that's how I'll remember him! (Oh yeah,he could play a bit too!)

Admin: delete entry barbara http://  17/03/05   23:31:08 Date
Message jon was my brother-in-law, and my son's godfather.
i have video of jon turning absolutely white at my son's circumcism. he told me "i thought i had to watch!"

i love you, jon, and i'll see you in my dreams

Admin: delete entry Michelle Skoorka http://  17/03/05   23:26:28 Date
Message What awful news. I never had the pleasure of meeting Kid Krupa, or see him play with the Revillos (couldn't pass for 18 ), but the Revillos are tied with (of course) the Rezillos for my favorite band of all time. I had a GIANT crush on both him and his guitar playing when I was a kid. Even now, he can't be topped. What an incredible talent. My sincerest condolences go out to his family.

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