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Admin: delete entry Mark-Ameen Johnson http://  17/03/05   19:51:47 Date
Message A few days ago I posted in this book to thank Kid Krupa for the gift of his music and himself. I had kept my initial post short, but I still have much love to share with Krupa and his fellow Revillos.

When Krupa joined the Revillos at 17, I was 14--and he made me feel that I could do anything no matter my age. Simply hearing his trademark twang in "Rev Up" and "Hungry for Love" caught my imagination again and again; how I wanted to be like him!

I loved classic 1930s monster movies, science fiction, comic books, The Flintstones... My taste made me a geek in the eyes of my peers, yet here was the coolest of all cool bands with a lead guitarist my age, and they used their love for the same delicious things to create a look and sound unique in a market of clones.

Little by little we few Revillos fans came together in Murrow High School (Brooklyn, New York), and I had the chance to pal around with Albert R. (the friend who introduced me to Revillos music), Mara C., Sarah C., Mikki S., two Dannys (N. and R.)... So many great people--and we had Revillos at the core of our friendship.

Some of us were going to have a band just like them, as we knew it was possible to tour the U.S. at seventeen. Winking It never happened, of course, but Krupa and the other Revillos gave us a dream and a goal, gifts as precious as their music.

These days I teach English as a Second Language to college-age students at a local university. I like to bring in fun readings about monsters, science fiction, and the like, and I often teach colloquial English or points of grammar with typed lyrics--after which students hear the actual song on CD. I use a lot of the groups that teens and twentysomethings listen to today, but I also use some of the tunes I grew up with. Do I play The Revillos in class? What do you think...? Smile

Sometimes students ask who is playing the guitar or where they can get that music. I have done my part to plant seeds in the next generation.

Krupa and all the Revillos keep touching us all, people they have never met, in ways we may not even be aware of. When people like Krupa, Eugene, Fay, Rocky, and the rest are part of our lives, the world is a much happier place.

Admin: delete entry Rodolpho Rodrigues  17/03/05   19:06:39 Date
Message infelizmente mais uma perda no Punk Rock,mais como todos punks que já se foram ele também jamais será esquecido.
Punk's not dead

Rodolpho R

Admin: delete entry HiFi http://  17/03/05   16:03:03 Date
Message Just received an email relaying the sad news - can't believe it - can remember my last few gigs, drilling this kid who could play the guitar better than I'd ever be able to - a lovely guy - the last gig I did with the band, Felix scarpered - just me, KK & Rocky - but we did it - rock on, buddy , rock on.

Admin: delete entry Mein Pretzels http://  17/03/05   11:53:30 Date
Message All I can say is Bollocks, love the Revillos and loved playing my guitar along to my Revillos album.

Admin: delete entry Drewblood  17/03/05   08:28:17 Date
Message I had been listening non stop to Rev Up and Attack for about a week at work. Blaring them over the machinery and still being floored by what's in those records. Every time you listen there is something new coming out. During the middle of all that rocking out I was wondering how Kid Krupa was doing having known about his condition. Unfortunately I got the answer to that question. I've never heard anyone play like him. What a loss...

Admin: delete entry carly http://  17/03/05   00:54:34 Date
Message i was in high school in the early 80s, and the revillos were a huge, huge influence on my musical education: they were a sublime combo of substance and style. i think i've listened to "she's fallen in love with a monster man" and "mind-bending cutie doll" easily two thousand times! you could tell just by looking at his photo that kid k. was the life of the party and the coolest kid in the room. totally fun-loving and raucous, a great guitarist who adored his instrument, had a great, great sense of humor. what a terrible loss it must be for his loved ones. why do we lose all the good ones so soon? my deepest empathy to his family.

Admin: delete entry Fraser in Seattle http://  16/03/05   23:30:37 Date
Message Much saddened with the loss of Kid Kruppa. Very fond memories of an original guitar man. My sympathies go to his loved ones.

Admin: delete entry Michelle  16/03/05   20:21:29 Date
Message I never knew about my uncle being Kid Krupa, for I live in the states and never got to see him as much as I would have hoped for. I do remember when I was 6 he used to show me how to play guitar, I still have one of his picks he gave me when he was on the Del Amitri tour. He was by far the coolest uncle anyone could ever ask for and Im going to miss him very much. RIP Uncle Jon

Admin: delete entry nick chance http://  16/03/05   19:57:37 Date
Message shocked by the news . one of the best gigs i ever saw was the revillos with the john peel roadshow in the plymouth poly in 80/81. they had a manic baby faced guitarist who was all over the stage in a shiny spaceman type suit with flashing lights on his shoulders that would randomly light up .yet the sound was note perfect , that ,and eugene`s gradually drooping mountain of a quiff made the night one of the most fun gigs that i have ever been to . sad loss to us all

Admin: delete entry David Vanian  15/03/05   22:29:05 Date
Message I never knew Jon when he was in the Revillos. The Damned had been out of circulation for some time, recording wise and as such our favourite demo studio had closed.
Rocky Rhythm told me he knew of a great little studio who had a very good producer, who happened to be be Jon. Myself and Patricia went to check it out and instead of the usual cursory look over for 5 minutes, check the equipment, then book the time, I ended up in a conversation for about an hour and a half, talking about old garage bands, Link Wray and loads of great music. We got on really well and I knew straight away he was the man to work with. Consequently I spent a very enjoyable few days recording the demos for what was to become our album, Grave Disorder. It was an absolute joy to work with Jon. He had a great sense of humour and knew how to get the best out of our motley crew. I still look back on that time with the fondest of memories. The tracks were the best stuff we'd done for years.
This was such a good experience that I knew that when it came to record my solo album I felt that Jon was the only man I had found that I could do the job.
I was lucky enough to get a great deal on a studio in Malibu, California where in just under two weeks we did 12 tracks for the next Phantom Chords album. Under this somewhat hectic pace, Jons engineering skills, ear for the right sounds and understanding of the atmosphere I was trying to create, meant that it all went very smoothly.
When we came back to England we had the bulk of the album in the can but unfortunately due to Jons illness we never finished it as I wanted to do it with him. The album has remained unfiinished.
I will remember Jon as charming, with a wonderful wit and humour, and the musical world will be a lesser place with the loss of his talents.
My condolences go out to all his friends and family.
Dav id Vanian

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