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Admin: delete entry FRANCESCA MALAN http://  15/03/05   22:13:50 Date
Message My heart goes out to all of those who knew and loved Jonti for the special and unique person he was. I had the privilege of hanging out with him many a time with two of my very best friends Michelle & Nicky Forbes.

Peace & Love,


Admin: delete entry Richard Scarr http://  15/03/05   19:31:39 Date
Message I feel so saddened by the news of Krupaís death. A tremendous musician whose drive and artistry defined The Revsí sound. I canít remember how many Revillos gigs I saw back in the days when they seemed to be appearing on a London stage almost every fortnight, yet at each one I attended he always looked outstandingly cool whilst playing with a combination of passion and control that is rare to find. A true guitar hero whose ability was never truly acknowledged. God bless you Krupa!

Admin: delete entry Victor Champion http://  15/03/05   19:00:37 Date
Message How saddened i was to hear about the passing of Kid Krupa. I have fond memories of the Revillos playing at Kingston University .The band were an inspiration to me and my friends and Kid had the knack of producing the best twangy guitar sound in the land. My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.
Victor Champion (The Trudy)

Admin: delete entry Anthony Arena http://  15/03/05   18:07:45 Date
Message Kid Krupa was one of the greatest guitarists ever, and he was in the greatest band ever. The Revillos mean more to me than I can say, in no small part due to Krupa's guitar. He had the perfect blend of every brilliant guitarist naturally flowing through his fingers, a combination of Duane Eddy, Gene Vincent, Tornados, Johnny Ramone, and everyone else great...but he never sounded like he copied any of them. He was just thee KID KRUPA and he played Revillo music.

I was about the same age as him when he was a Revillo, (only three years younger) but he sure was cooler than I was back then. I was merely a fanatic fan, but he was actually IN THE BAND, and DOING IT! Boy did I envy him.

Plus who could ever forget how awesome he looked in his interplanetary-rockabilly uniforms? Yeah, Eugene may've been the guy who sang; "see me in skin-tight pants, dontchya wanna take a second glance?" but it was Krupa who was the dude who kept catching yer eye. Man, did I ever want to look like him. Who didn't envy the snappy way Kid looked on the front cover of REV-UP? I not only wished I could look just like Krupa, I wished I could BE him. But alas, there was always only ever ONE Kid Krupa, and I will always remember him as the one and only original.

Sadly for me, I was too young to get into the New York City nightclubs the Revillos played at when they played around my town, (I was three years younger than him.) I desperatley wanted to get in, but I wasn't allowed.

I was always hoping a Revillo reunion would eventually bring Krupa back to town so I could see my guitar idol live and in-person. Now that dream will never be fulfilled. I can only play my Rev-discs, and dream. And that's something I shall continue to do...always.

RIP KID KRUPA. You were the coolest!

Admin: delete entry Bryan  15/03/05   13:15:53 Date
Message I was showing a friend some photos last week and she picked out some photos of Jonti, not in Kid Krupa mode but just taken down the pub some night. Sraight away she wanted to know who he was, (she's got good taste, right!), so I started to tell her about Kid Krupa and the memories came flooding back. We put on some records which made her crazy, ( see, the good taste thing again), and I showed her some Revillos photeez which made her drool. I told her all about him playing live. That manic head shaking thing only he did, Cherie pulling his hair, biting and licking him, Fay dragging him around the stage.... and all the time he's playing some of the greatest guitar I've ever heard!!! And anyone else remember that "smack you in the eyes" day-glo yellow guitar he used to have?
I could go on and on but I'll just close by saying that I don't know anyone who loved the Revillos more than I did and Kid Krupa was a PERFECT Revillo.
Love to all.

Admin: delete entry Danny http://  15/03/05   12:44:42 Date
Message Thank you Kid. My thoughts go out to the family.

Admin: delete entry Esther http://  15/03/05   12:02:32 Date
Message Fond and happy memories of when we were young will always remain with me Jon. Love Esther

Admin: delete entry Horrendus Styles  15/03/05   10:36:12 Date
Message Sad
So sad to hear of Jon's death. The last thing he worked on would have been 4 tracks for our single - not only a great little guitarist also a super Producer. My condolences to his friends and family - the music lives on.

Admin: delete entry Steve [Revillos web site] http://  15/03/05   08:51:20 Date
Message Listen carefully to Rev-Up and Attack and you can't fail to be impressed by the uniqueness of Krupa's playing. It's truly inspired and an awesome performance from a 17 year-old. Howvever, it barely compares to the way that the Revillos played live at the time - the speed and energy of the band were on another scale altogether. The first gig I saw was at the Locarno, Portsmouth, England in 1980. There are memories of that night that will never fade. Pig and I got there early and the band were still setting up. We saw Eugene come out of a public phone box - his quiff appeared and then, it seemed, several seconds later he emerged behind it. It was huge. The band played with an awesome, almost scary, energy and Krupa was a very visible manifestation of that energy. His head rocking side to side manically while his hands were just a blur across the strings of his black Rickenbacher 360. He was having a problem with the jack socket on the guitar - the guitar lead was taped up onto the guitar but it was still causing problems. It amazed me that the guy could be playing at breakneck speed and still reach down and whack the jack back into its socket everytime the connection broke without interrupting his playing at all. The energy levels ramped up higher and higher until even the band didn't know how to handle it - at one point Krupa was playing a guitar solo and Fay kicked him over - he lay there on the stage on his back still belting out a perfect solo. Fay wrapped the lead of her mike around his neck and started pulling him across the stage - and he still kept playing like this was perfectly normal! What really amazed me about the guy was that his playing was always articulate no matter how fast and loud he played. If you think the songs on Rev-Up are fast then think again - the band played a lot faster live and yet Krupa's playing was always perfect. I can't remember how many gigs Pig and I saw but it was quite a few - I never heard Krupa play one bum note. Even flat on his back being pulled across the stage with a microphone lead wrapped around his neck! Although the Revillos never made the big time, it seems that within the music industry there was some recognition that the Revillos were something different and special. There's a story that Krupa was auditioning for some session work with Tim Finn. Finn explained that he was looking for a particular kind of guitar sound - kind've twangy - and then played Krupa some tracks off Rev-Up to demonstrate the sound he was looking for. He had no idea that it was Krupa playing!
The guy was an awesome talent and he deserves wider recognition. Whether it comes now or never doesn't really matter - either way we've lost a great talent and, by all accounts, a great guy.

Admin: delete entry Dave 'Magoo' Hill http://  15/03/05   08:26:37 Date
Message Anyone ever touched or influenced by the Revillos and the Twang of Kid Krupa (and that's a considerable body of people) will be deeply saddened by this news. A massive fan at the time I had the priviledge to meet up with 'Adult' Krupa in recent years, not least at the cut of the Rev Up CD. I was impressed that he still displayed enthusiasm and passion for the music he'd created and his wit (as others have mentioned) shone through despite his obvious health problems. In my mind he will be forever frozen in time Zingin' & Swinging with his Electric Guitar. Farewell Boy Wonder.

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