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Admin: delete entry troy fenton  15/03/05   08:08:30 Date
Message first there was link wray (who invented rock 'n' roll), now there's vince ray, and in between and always, there's kid krupa. everyone talks about the twang, and the twang IS rock 'n' roll, and kid obviously underatood that. i wasn't privileged, as others were, to be in the company of the witty kid, but as an eternal englishman living in melbourne, australia, for much of my life, the kid resonated to me and reminded me of the wit, intelligence, and irreverence that we english, male and female, uniquely impart to the rest of the world. kid's family should be very proud, and the best thing we can do for kid is to alert the world of his brilliance, in his honour. in 30 years as a music industry professional, no music touched me more than the revillos, and kid was a big part of that. and thanks to rocky, i have been privileged to hear the kid's brilliance as a producer, and i intend to make the world, the whole wotld, very aware that those of us globally who have been lucky enough to be brought into the fold of eugene, fay, rocky, vince, kid et al, are part of a special family, and kid was the kid brother (and a gorgeous one at that). thanks to smartie boy, because he's what kid was all about...

Admin: delete entry Fabrizia http://  15/03/05   07:49:39 Date
Message Fabrizia and Domenico from Milan Italy send their condolences to Kid Krupa's family, his passing left us thouched on heart.Go!GO!GO!

Admin: delete entry Don  15/03/05   04:08:35 Date
Message I am so sorry to hear this very sad news. I saw The Revillos live at the Whisky A-Go-Go in Hollywwod and it's a show I'll never forget, and Kid Krupa was a big part of that.

All I can say to Kid is thanks for all the great music and many, many hours of enjoyment due to his efforts and talent.

Admin: delete entry Bob Sandor http://  15/03/05   01:48:22 Date
Message I am deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Kid Krupa. I feel fortunate to have met this outstanding guitarist back in the Revillos days.I was a huge Revillos fan back in 1980 and I had this crazy teenage dream that one day they might appear in a club my band played at in Levitown, PA ( I was 19 then ). Well, as it turned out, a friend of mine was booking bands at a club In Trenton, NJ and the club got closed down a few weeks before the Revillos were to play there. My friend called me up and asked if I knew of a place he could get the Revillos booked at. I couldn't believe this dream of mine was going to come true. I went to the owner's of the club, we worked out the details and I had the Revillos perform in Levitown. I remember being so star-struck when the Revillos arrived to bring in their gear, and I went up to Kid Krupa and asked if he would like a beer or something. Then I went down the list of what they had at the bar and he seemed to not know the names of the beers I was mentioning. He chose Michelob, then I told him the beers weren't cold yet, but he didn't seem to mind. The memory of that night:meeting the band and playing on the same stage as them will always be a cherished memory. The world has lost a fine guitarist and a real nice guy.

Admin: delete entry Mark-Ameen Johnson http://  15/03/05   00:15:29 Date
Message Life is measured by how deeply a person touches others, and in that sense Krupa's life, though short, extends in boundless measure.

My heartfelt condolences to Krupa's family, to Rocky, and to all the others who loved him.

I never met Kid Krupa, nor have I met any Revillo, nor have I ever even been to Scotland. But since the day a friend made me a Revillos cassette in 1981, the Revillos has been this native New Yorker's hands-down favorite.

I did not even know what a Fender Stratocaster was back then, but as soon as I heard its otherworldly sound played by a master, I thought Krupa had to be one of the coolest guys alive.

I'll be 40 in August, and I still destress from work and smile again by putting on the Revillos, live CDs and older stuff.

Thank you, Krupa, for the gift of your music--the gift of yourself.

Admin: delete entry billy and barbie http://  14/03/05   23:26:18 Date
Message now lets talk about his guitar skills which were many.....every GREAT band has a signature lead guitar player....and guess what? kid krupa was that person...his twang was heard from scotland to england to the usa...his style was his own...the rev up lp is simply one of the best albums ever recorded....that band was hot and rockin.....kid krupa is now in a better place, but what he left us with is pure magic..which we can enjoy forever...and i intend to.....kid krupa is an were the band he was in....its time for "secret of the shadow"..........KID KRUPA ROCKS....

Admin: delete entry billy and barbie http://  14/03/05   23:06:44 Date
Message our memories of kid krupa will always be etched in our and my wife spent the whole summer of 1981 with them for what was their american tour.when i got the sad news from rocky, it really hit us both how much this band meant to was beyond rock n roll, it was just good people who we both care about....we were lucky enough to run their american fan club...the fun times will always be with us...our prayers go out to his family and to all his friends who loved him so dearly...may God look out and keep kid krupa forever in his forever billy and barbie

Admin: delete entry Rushy  14/03/05   22:36:01 Date
Message A sad day indeed, I for one will be playing Rev Up as loud as ever as I tear through the traffic.

Farewell Guitar Hero!

Admin: delete entry Smartie Boy http://  14/03/05   22:31:23 Date
Message Just read ya message, thanx for letting us Revillos Maniacs know of this sad news.
Kid always had time to say hello to his fanz and will be truly missed , you were " The Secret Of The Shadow"....
Fond memories...
Smartie Boy

Admin: delete entry Alex Koch http://  14/03/05   21:53:34 Date
Message ...longtime fan of the Rez and the Revillos,very sad news indeed,just hearing his play on things like "Secret of the Shadows" should be enough to make anyone a fan of the twang...

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