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Admin: delete entry Graham http://  14/03/05   21:51:40 Date
Message Top bloke whose distinctive style was the cornerstone of a great band. An original. RIP.

Admin: delete entry colin goldring aka Vilos Styles http://  14/03/05   21:38:41 Date
Message Very sad to hear of the passing of this original musician and very nice bloke.I had recently met up with J and was so shocked to see how disabled he had become with his diabetes.His great skill and love of music had not waned and we were priviledged to have j work as a producer for us. He did a wonderful job.I choose to remember him as a very ,young , handsome looking guy,a great guitarist and i hope that his music will live on.I send condolences to his family and hope that their grief is lessened in the enormous amount of joy he gave to many people .Love ,colinx

Admin: delete entry Rozzie http://  14/03/05   21:35:17 Date
Message My late teenage years were fantastic, and in no small part thanks to The Revillos. Unity Hall, Wakefield and the Fan Club in Leeds. I still listen to Rev Up and dance like a maniac (along with my 6 year old daughter). Thanks for great times and fab music.

Admin: delete entry Vince Santini http://  14/03/05   21:21:53 Date
Message When I first met Kid Krupa, he was the youngest in the band - still a teenager. Yet he played with such command of technique and drew from the widest possible range of influences, all mixed beautifully together into his own magical sound. It was unique. Just listen to the wealth of his ideas on the 'Attack' album - no-one could possibly equal that kind of artistry.

Krupa was also a fine bloke, sharp-witted, highly intelligent, generous, loyal, and modest. He had a wicked, quirky sense of humour - he'd often sit silently for ages while everyone was gassing on, then just floor us all with a killer one-liner - then quietly go back to his book!

One of many Krupa memories...we were having a photo-shoot in Edinburgh, and the Kid was sitting quietly, whilst his make-up was being applied. Suddenly, without a word, he shot out of the house, having seen two lads stealing the photographer's bike from the railings outside. I'll never forget the sight of Kid Krupa, not much over 5ft tall, caked in eye-liner, blusher, lip gloss and mascara, dressed in his familiar red & gold glitter outfit, bounding down the street in hot pursuit of the two thieves....and he brought that bike back! But that was the sort of bloke he was.

I'm now so glad we had the chance, after twenty years, to meet up again more recently, and discover again that quirky dark humour and see also that his brilliant, inventive talent was every bit as strong.

There'll be a familiar, demonic twanging sound among the harps in Heaven from now on, that's for sure. God bless you, Jontie x

Admin: delete entry Cerise http://  14/03/05   21:04:43 Date
Message Though I never met him, he touched my life through music and the happy memories of some of his friends. It's to them and his family that my heart goes now. Blessings to you all.

Admin: delete entry Bob Jefferson http://  14/03/05   20:06:24 Date
Message Fond memories of Kid Krupa both on and offstage. Such a nice guy, such a talented musician. John, we all miss you and we remember you with great affection.

Admin: delete entry Terry http://  14/03/05   19:58:18 Date
Message What sad news, just returning from the Rockabilly Rave. Kid Krupa is all Revillo to me, and such a nice guy too.

Admin: delete entry Wreckless Derek  14/03/05   19:56:41 Date
Message Revillos along with bands like the Ramones and the Clash definatly helped me define my musical influence and career.. Kid was a great guitarist.. I love the Revillos... Rest in Peace KID!

Wreckless Derek/the Plastic Letters

Admin: delete entry jah  14/03/05   19:45:21 Date
Message I was blown away the first time I heard "Rev Up" back in 1980 and to this day it remains one of my favorite albums of all time. Even though I didn't know Kid Krupa personally, I am always saddened when I hear of the passing of one of those who made the music that gave us so much enjoyment during that exciting time and ever since then as well. As with Joey Ramone and Joe Strummer, we will miss you but in your music you've left a piece of yourself that will live on...

Admin: delete entry Christopher Plummer http://  14/03/05   19:42:39 Date
Message Very very sad news.. I was lucky enough to see many Revillos gigs back in the day and strangely enough i played Rev up this morning so when i just turned my computer on i was shocked and saddened to see this news.. Like i said very very sad news.. My best wishes to his family and close friends.. Chris Plummer.

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