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Admin: delete entry Iain McDougall http://  14/03/05   19:40:29 Date
Message Very shocked and saddened.
Remember his performances even now...wonderfully enthusiastic.
Oh,and I always thought he was the best looking!

Admin: delete entry SteveM  14/03/05   19:34:00 Date
Message Been a fan for 20yrs a very sad loss indeed Crying or very sad

Admin: delete entry Pig http://  14/03/05   16:40:40 Date
Message The mind-bending twanging uniqueness of Krupa's guitar playing was at the core of what I think of as the Revillos. Awesome showmanship and one of the nicest guys on the planet - two attributes that are so rarely seen together - that's the KK I'll remember.


Admin: delete entry Rocky Rhythm http://  14/03/05   16:12:17 Date
Message hey KK - you'll forever swing and zing with your electric guitar.

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